learning music
Think about how music makes you feel. Excited, energic, relaxed, happy? These are also emotions that we feel thanks to […]
Tax season always has us concerned about filing our returns on time, payments, and refunds. Add kids to the mix […]
If you have anxiety about going back to work after having a baby, it’s completely normal. Learning to adjust to […]
Music is powerful when it comes to emotions. When we’re happy, we may want to sing at the top of […]
Kids love to keep moving which is why dancing is such a good activity for them. Dance activities for kids […]
Picture of front of Rock & Roll Daycare
Rock and Roll Daycare is celebrating Black History Month at our Reston location and all of our other franchises. Children […]
Learning ASL (American Sign Language) is beneficial for hearing-impaired children because it helps them to communicate. It can also be […]